Service Matter

Service disputes revolve around employment and service-related matters. While dealing with service matters, the legal forums consider employment laws that provide clauses over all the aspects of an employee and employer relationship apart from the negotiation process.

Under service matters there is an array of labour acts function such as Industrial Dispute Act, Trade Union Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Wages Act, Factories Act etc.

Employment can be of various types such as, government employees, public servants, and private employees. And the disputes pertaining to these employments are different as well. 

Government and public sector disputes include the following-

• Disciplinary action
• Frequent transfer
• Removal of employee
• Transfer
• Appointments
• Suspension
• Salary

Whereas, private sector disputes include the following-
• Conditional Bonds
• Pending salary payments
• Sudden removal, with no prior notice
• Disciplinary actions

At The Firm, we represent our clients in front of various legal forums such as labour courts, industrial tribunals, central administrative tribunal, court of the labour commissioner etc. With the team of best lawyers in Chandigarh, we are highly focused on result-driven approach.

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